Rough EP

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Prepare yourself for the highly anticipated Rough EP!

Stepping up with a game changer, heavyweights of drum and bass – Hedex, Kanine, and Formula are all aboard with this release, giving their nods and support to the title track "Rough." Raw and rugged ragga vocals take center stage before the drop hits, at which point you had better be prepared to be submerged in a churning vortex of grotty yet lusciously deep bass concoctions. DoinkGod means business, and he’s here to show you exactly what he’s capable of.

The journey doesn't stop there. We are proud to unveil the hidden gem – "Freedom," the bonus track that we can only describe as a menace in the Belgian jump-up realm. The weapon of choice for your DJ sets, this one promises to transport your crowd to a dimension where normality is shattered and energy knows no limits!

It’s not just music, this release is a turning point for DoinkGod and his ability to make his mark on the world.