The Doink EP

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Huge debut release from Doinkgod!

With his distinctive sound and innovative mindset, Doinkgod has burst onto the music scene in recent months, promising a fresh wave of talent in the industry. His debut offering, "The Doink Ft Noir," features an irresistible sing-along melody and twisted grotty bass stabs, quickly establishing itself as a firm favourite amongst DJs and ravers.

But that's not all! This release includes the exclusive bonus track "Attention." Fresh out of the studio, we added this track as a special extra, as you would expect, this is exclusively available on our website and never to be released elsewhere.

The debut release marks a significant milestone for Doinkgod, offering a glimpse into the exciting future ahead for this budding artist. Big things are on the horizon as Doinkgod continues to captivate listeners and push boundaries.