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Jump Up Bass Vol.3

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Introducing the ultimate toolkit for Dominating the Underground!

Are you ready to take your production to the next level? Look no further, as we are back with another 50 Serum presets to add to your arsenal. Each preset has been engineered to deliver the raw power and infectious energy that define this genre. Elevate your tracks with the grottiest stabs, the most unique melodies, not to mention a variety of heavyweight rattles and wobbles that are certain to infuse your music with character and edge. Feel the rush of creativity as you explore the versatile array of sounds at your fingertips. Whether you're producing high-octane tracks for the club or crafting intricate soundscapes in the studio, these presets will fuel your imagination and help you stand out from the crowd. In a genre where innovation is key and standing out is essential, our presets offer an unbeatable advantage.

These presets are not just sounds – they're a gateway to the underground world where basslines and energy reign supreme. Crush dancefloors and captivate listeners as you harness the very essence of the Jump Up movement!

Pack Contents:

50x Bass Presets for Serum
50x Bass One Shots in WAV format
1x Bonus Track (Never to be released)
1x Limited Edition Serum Skin

Listen to the bonus track & sounds preview below.