Shut Down The System EP

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L3MMY DUBZ steps up with the mighty "Shut Down the System" EP!

Brace yourself for the highly anticipated "Shut Down the System" EP by L3MMY DUBZ, the newest addition to the Exert Records family. This electrifying release combines the dynamic energy you expect from this seasoned producer and the renowned Exert Records sound. L3MMY wastes no time creating his take on a thrilling fusion of high-octane, rave-ready tracks that have been battering dancefloors for the past months.

The EP's centrepiece, "Shut Down the System," is a pulse-pounding anthem that showcases L3MMY DUBZ's mastery of the genre. From the first beat, it ignites your senses with its infectious rhythms and unstoppable synth work, leaving listeners craving more. On the flip, "Grit Your Teeth" further demonstrates L3MMY’s talent for crafting evolving sonic experiences, forever pushing boundaries with its nail-biting and pulsating intensity.

As an exclusive bonus, the EP includes an extra track "Bioscanner.” Only available on the Exert Records website!