Latte & Toxinate

Medieval EP

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Latte & Toxinate join forces in their latest offering, the "Medieval EP."

Latte & Toxinate's ability to craft a sick creation is on full display once again. The title track is a testament to their mastery of sound design and their knack for creating a sonic landscape that defies conventions. With each twist and turn, they keep you on your toes, ensuring that the unexpected is always just around the corner.

The EP features a heavyweight bonus track, "Motherload.” further solidifying Latte's reputation as one of the rising stars in the scene. The track hits hard with its relentless energy, delivering the perfect dose of adrenaline for any drum and bass enthusiast. The crazy vibes emanating from "Motherload" demonstrate Latte's ability to take us on an intense sonic adventure.

This monstrous EP certainly showcases the impressive skills of these two rising stars, and it's clear that they have a promising future ahead. If you appreciate artists who dare to explore new territories, this is a must-listen.