The Underground EP

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Step into the shadows and prepare for a journey as deep as it is dark!

"The Underground EP" is the battle cry for bass warriors, backed by heavyweights like Hedex, Modestep, Holy Goof, Skepsis, and Tsuki. This release has made its way into the playlists of legends, and now you can get your hands on it too!

First, we want to give insight into why this track was created. This isn't just music; it's a salute to those nocturnal artists, tirelessly grinding away in the shadows every day. Keep the faith, keep the focus – your moment will come!

"The Underground" is a raucous escapade through a world where melodies sway like urban vines, grotty basslines crawl through the sonic underbelly, and infectious beats are the currency of choice. It's a masterclass in audio subversion, where the order of the day is hard-hitting switches that hit you like a surprise raid on an underground rave.

But hold on to your glow sticks, we've got a secret weapon in this arsenal - the exclusive bonus track, "Ice Cream." Its twisted, menacing basslines have wreaked havoc in raves for the past year or two, and Premium has finally decided to unleash this beast from the vault. You won't find it anywhere else; it's like the crown jewels, hidden deep within the Exert website.

To all you bass rebels in the underground, keep pushing the boundaries, keep crafting those sonic weapons - your dedication is the lifeblood of this movement.