Premium, Toxinate, Master Error, JTR, Lixed & Noir

Onslaught EP

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The first release of 2023 and it's one hell of a project!

Featuring 5 top-tier artists we proudly present the Onslaught EP.

First up, the title track Onslaught. Anyone who experienced our visuals on NYE knows this track is hitting hard, living up to its name in true style this is genuinely an onslaught of the senses!

Next up, Toxinate and JTR team up for the grotty, grumbly monster that is Dorsia. The sound design on this one is absolutely ridiculous!

But we’re just getting started, fresh-faced Lixed and veteran Premium's creation Find You is nothing less than an electrifying ride through modern drum and bass. Father-son tag team business is in full effect here!

Last but certainly not least we see two of our most creative producers bring their A-game in the form of Guess Who. Words simply can't describe the menacing results Master Error & Noir come up with in their studio sessions!