T Lex

Cosmic EP

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We're officially adopting T-Lex into the Exert fam!

Hailing from Bristol the rising star has been absolutely crushing it lately, levelling up her production game like she's on a mission to make the speakers cry happy tears.

First up, "Cosmic," hits like a cosmic wake-up call. The vocal says "Don't Fall Asleep," but trust us, you won't even have time to blink. Those apocalyptic drums and grotty stabs? They're like a musical defibrillator straight to the face!

Now, flip that switch (or hit next on your playlist) 'cause we've got "Lackin'," a collab with the one and only Lixed. Two musical superheroes joining forces? Yeah, it's serious business, and your eardrums are about to thank you for the eargasm.

And because we're all about spreading the love, we're throwing in the exclusive bonus track "October." It's a Belgian jump-up rave, and everyones invited! It’s only yours if you grab the "Cosmic EP" from our website, and it will never be released anywhere else!

So, turn up your speakers, warn the neighbours, and get ready to vibe 'cause T-Lex just unleashed a whirlwind of a release, and we're all just here trying not to get blown away!