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Ultimate Vocals Vol.1

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Immerse yourself in the golden era of cinema with recreated voices from vintage movies that have complimented drum and bass tracks for generations. Relive the pixelated magic of a certain classic computer game, each robotised vocal snippet adds a touch of retro attitude to your tracks. Our computer-themed voices offer a glimpse into the futuristic world of AI-driven soundscapes. And let's not forget the darker side of our collection, featuring a variety of dark and downright chilling male voices, we are confident when we say our vocal pack is the perfect tool for conjuring mystery and character in your music.

Within this treasure trove of over 200 high-quality WAV samples, you'll discover a wide range of voices that will give you the unique and immersive dimension you’ve been wanting to add to your music. Our priority is for you to be inspired by using our samples, which is why we spared no effort in the creation, mixing and mastering of this massive collection.

Drag and drop ready, its easier than ever to make your next banger!

Pack contains (In WAV format):

A total of 204 vocal samples with various themes:

50 Computer System
50 Invasion (Vintage)
24 Bad Robot
22 Music Words
20 Battlefield
15 Angry Aliens
10 Bad Guy
8 The Master
5 Northern

Listen to a preview of the sounds below: