Mirage Dubpack

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Buckle up your ear canals because Zoom is about to drop 4 bangers!

First on the agenda, we've got "Mirage”. Zoom's serving up twisted, grotty stabs and drums that hit like a hangover after a wild night out. It's exactly what you'd expect from Zoom, except with more bass and less small talk!

Now, prepare yourself for "Ancient." It's not just a track; it's a workout for your eardrums. Stompy drums and a switch formula that should come with a health warning – consider this your musical adrenaline shot. Zoom isn't just pushing boundaries; he's backflipping over them like a caffeinated ninja.

Next in line is "Forty Thieves," and Zoom's not messing around. He's unleashing the most sought-after dubs from his collection like he's the DJ Robin Hood of the drum and bass scene. It's a musical heist, and you're the lucky accomplice.

Last but certainly not least, we've got "Ryze" – the track that's been terrorizing dancefloors like a mischievous gremlin on Red Bull. It's our personal favourite, and we've got the dancefloor scars to prove it. This track isn't just a banger; it's a certified eargasm.

So, if your playlist needs a shot of adrenaline, a dash of mischief, and a sprinkle of bass-heavy goodness, Zoom's Mirage Dubpack is your golden ticket. Warning: uncontrollable head-nodding and bass face may occur!

Extremely limited edition, when sold out it will NEVER be available again.