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Minimal Jump Up Drums Vol.1

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Over 100 drum hits, loops, and more! 

This pack captures the sound that everyone is raving about right now. It's the perfect companion to our Minimal Jump Up bass presets, designed to help you create your next banger instantly with our top-notch samples. 

This pack includes everything you need to craft solid, well-mixed drums that fit seamlessly into your minimal jump up drum & bass tracks. We compare making music to constructing a building; you need a solid foundation before you can build anything remarkable on it. That's why we've meticulously curated our drum sample libraries for your convenience. 

We continually strive to meet your needs, cutting the crap and focusing on the elements you've requested most!

Pack contains (In WAV format):

18 Kicks
13 Snares
15 Claps
20 Hats
25 Percs
10 Drum Loops
5 Bonus Breaks