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Jump Up Drums Vol.3

Regular price €10,00

After the success of our previous packs, we are back with a whopping 100 drum samples for only 10 Euros!

This pack contains everything you need to make solid, well-mixed drums that fit perfectly in your jump up drum and bass tracks. Creating music is a lot like building a house, you need a solid foundation before you can make anything substantial on it, and that’s exactly why we took our time and spared no effort in creating our drum sample libraries, for your ease of use. Always striving to cater to your needs, we’ve focused on the elements you told us you needed the most. Aside from the extensive range of single drum hits, we’ve now added even more drum fills and shuffles, along with an array of ride and cymbal samples!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in the studio and make your next jump up banger!

Pack contains (In WAV format):

15 Kicks
15 Snares
10 Claps
20 Hats
20 Fills / Shuffles
10 Rides
5 Cymbals

Listen to a preview of the sounds below: